Thursday, 11 February 2016

Richard Duffy writing

Duffy Assembly
Guess What? At 2pm (straight after lunch) the Yr 6 - Yr 8 students went to the school hall to watch a Duffy assembly. 3 people were starring in it and their names were, Tevita, Simon and Talia. Talia played Ruby, which was duffy’s neighbour. Simon played Duffy and Tevita played all of the other parts. For Example: Tevita played, Mum, Dad, Musician and even a baby. This time their show was called Duffy’s Time Travel Mission. By the sound of the title it sounded like it was going to be a pretty choice show to watch also my favorite part is the man sing the song

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  1. Hi Richard. I can see that you have really thought about our WALT for this piece of writing, which was to use punctuation accurately. You have used a variety of punctuation, and in appropriate places! I love how you have started with a question - it makes me want to keep reading!