Monday, 26 March 2018

Attitude Talk

                      Attitude Talk with Tony

Hi guys.

Guess what we had this guy called tony he's that person came to talk about something like who am I, First he talked about himself and where he grew up  he grew at Tripoli road and he went to tamaki college also he's half paikea and half Samoan.

Tony was talking about these 2 boys and they are from Detroit from america tony said they have been through hard times cause there dad hates them and he's part of a gang but one of the brother chosed to follow his fathers foot step to be part of a gang and do drugs and stuff, Like thats one the dumb thing to do but the other brother chosed something else he dicided to work hard on school and after that he became a mayor also this lady came to see the brothers so she went to the brother that was in prison and she ask him " How did you end up in prison" then the brother said " I'd follow my dad foot step" and she continued to ask question also she done the same thing to the other brother and thats my favourite part what tony was talking about.

                                THE END

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