Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Richard Life of Usain Bolt

Yo, Usain you forgot your lunch. Come and get your lunch!” then Usain was running real fast also he said “ I am not going to be late for school” then he got to school then he started to do work then he got bored so he took a little nap then he worked also he felt really hungry.

Then he sat down with a empty stomach also this man came out of nowhere then he said “do you want some “ then usain said “yes!” Then the man Said”you have to race for it “
Then Usain bolt said OMG Then they started racing

Then off They go Usain was losing when turn back he looked at food he liked also he won and started to jump every also he got the food and started to eat.

Then the man said you need to take this serious you then he started to run in the 100mtr Olympics also he won then he had a lot of trophy but in the final.

Usain Felt really worried that he won’t win the 100mtr race in the Olympics his mum came and encourage him to get his confident back then the mum said it doesn't matter if you win or lose just have fun and enjoy it.

When Usain started to race in the Olympics he saw his cheering for him then the mum started to smile at Usain then Usain ran fast then he won the gold medal then he real proud of him and his mum to

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