Thursday, 8 November 2018

What makes a good leader?

Do you what know a good leader is? A great leader is a someone who supports their team, encouraged others, help people to reach their goal. Being a good leader is important because it can change peoples lives

An effective leader supports their team by encouraging them with motivation and for example my two coaches that coach me for Pakuranga Rugby United is always hyping me up.

A good leader should be positive towards his decision and action and always owning up there mistake.

Another way to be a leader should always help others to reach their goal because you never know they might end up being a prime minister and many things.

To summarise a good leader is also a great role model.

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  1. Hello Richard your writing about being a good leader is great you have lots of good reason that makes a good leader. I think you would make a good leader. I like the end of your writing. You are right about those reasons.