Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Richard Trade Fair

Walt: add one main idea per paragraph Walt: add one main idea per paragraphThis term we are making products to attract people to spend as much money as possible. because because other classes are selling products many as we can to earn currency

class 6,7,8,9 and 10 had a trade fair. If you don’t know what a trade fair is well now you do. A trade Fair is where you can buy stuff and where you can sell stuff. But when you sell stuff you have to be in groups. For example we had to pick groups and the options where Kitchen,Toys,Instruments,Custom S

tationery, Homeware and Jewels and accessories.

we are asking people to come order from me and toni went to buy something  for our product to look cool so people buy our product to earn heaps of money and also some time we go to our teacher

MY Friends are toni taupia because they are  my partner we had fourteen orders from room 6,7,8,9,10 and some there interested other people's products so were trying to attract other people to come to buy our product so we created a doc so they can come to us to order candles

We get money but it is not New Zealand money we call it PT’S and Pieces the PT’S are called 2 PT's and 1Pt and the pieces are called 50 pieces and
20 pieces. We get paid because we be good and we help around the classes did I also mention that only team 4 which is the year 5’s and 6’s get PT’s and Pieces. Only our teachers give them to us.

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