Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Samoan Warrior

Manu was the best fighter in the village. Everyone loved him because he was a tall, muscular and handsome warrior. The women loved him because he was strong and handsome. Even the men liked him because he was the best fighter. Manu lived in a village on the beautiful island of Samoa.

One day there was a terrible war between Manu’s village and an old enemy tribe. As Manu tried his best to fight for his village, it seemed like they were going to lose the battle. Men were dying, women and children were crying as the battle went on. Manu tried his hardest to fight, but he was captured by the enemy. They tied his hands together and covered his mouth before they threw him into a pit.

The pit was dark and cold. Manu felt really hungry and he wondered what had happened to the people in his village. Luckily Manu remembered that he had a small knife hidden inside his lavalava. Manu got out of the pit and ran to his village.

Manu couldn’t believe what he saw.  Then he started to get angry because his village was burnt down and his whole entire family was missing. So Manu spent two days searching for his family to restore balance. Otherwise there would be war.

Suddenly Manu hear a noise coming from the forest. “Manu!” cried his family. “Where were you?” Manu said. “We were hiding in the forest” they said. Then Manu and his family went to search for others. Manu gathered everyone together to rebuild their village.

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