Monday, 4 September 2017

Prize Giving for Pakuranaga #Cadillac's4life

On Friday it was the Best of my Life cause we had prize giving with my USO Tevita Junior also we had the best Cause We had our prize I was so nervous cause i thought i was not getting any thing for prize giving since that day I walked in the club and walked up to my coach to say Hello also our team got called for 2017 Championship after I was surprised that i got called the best player for the grand final after that in 30 minutes I got called out again to receive the forward of the year then my parents so proud cause my dad drop of training to train my hardest I use all the time to train cause my work so hard to drop me off training so decided to do my best to make my dad Proud so Reward him by buying stuff with my left over money to buy him cause i had $400 left cause i got the money from my Birthday so i used my money to buy him clothes from the Rebel sports and other clothes from good places after that we to Aunty's house for a feed we had like samoan food and some other

Also Stay tune for more make sure leave and hope you guys enjoy

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