Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Shaun Johnson Life

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My role model is Shaun Johnson because he inspire kids also good rugby player he never gives up he battle his mind great man he's bulky muscular.

Shaun Johnson is number seven cause he is the best when I saw him play rugby I see him step dummy Johnathan Thurston he steps again then passed then he got a the ball back dashed to the Try line then the warriors was in the lead nobody can beat so I got excited.

So the warriors won the game after the game celebrated also I heard the crowd celebrated at Shaun Johnson they said ( That's the one Shaun Johnson ) then he cried with joy and he was proud to be a New Zealander.

After he took a rest because he had a game when he woke in the morning he train real hard and he never give also he always battle his mind to be a good player also he's  finished training he had some lunch to regain his strength back.

And that day I did the same thing as Shaun Johnson I trained real hard I prayed to be a rugby player also Shaun Johnson is better than Roger Tuivasa - sheck cause Shaun Johnson is more experienced.

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